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My first book, a poetry collection called Dreaming of Days in Astophel put out by Sam's Dot Publishing, is now available in a signed edition direct from the author ($8 USD with U.S.-only postage paid). The book was published under my previous byline, Lyn C. A. Gardner. From the publisher's page (Sam's Dot Publishing): "Gardner's collection of fantasy and science fiction takes you to the ends of the universe, real and imagined, and back again."

Cover art by Marge Simon.

From the review by J. L. Comeau: "This lush collection of fantasy/sf poems is reminiscent of the Golden Age of Elizabeth I and the glory, caprice, decadence and folklore surrounding the era. You'll find Avalon, Camelot, vengeful queens, wizards, witches, mermaids, heroes and doomed beauties. Castles loom and ghost ships sail across the dim horizons. A young peasant boy hefts a toy sword, yearning for a knighthood that will insure his death. Written in luxuriant language, Ms. Gardner takes the reader on journeys to landscapes that are recognizable yet fantastic, deftly enmeshing lore and legend in tapestries of wordcraft. Beautiful full color cover art by artist/author Marge Simon." (Review formerly available at The Tomb of Dark Delights.)

The majority of collected poems either appear here for the first time, were previously available only in print 'zines, or are no longer archived online. Here are the few available online samples:

Table of Contents:
The Golden Age
Holding Faerie
La trobairitz a la dame de s'amie.
The Minstrel's Song
Telon's Harp
Farewell to Avalon
Left in Lance's Box
Guenever's Choice
The Hero Fergus
Saeve's Doom
The Final Ploy
The Serpent's Price
To Fly Above the Sea
Time's Magic Measured
The Pilgrimage
The Peasant Boy
Lament for Lanis-Doon
Ys Awake
Irene's Tomb
I Sing Ophelia
To Hear You Speak
The Queen's Revenge
The Send-Off
The Return
Rildix Falls
Ghost Fleet
The Misty Glade
Godolin's Remains
In Moon-Darkness
Death-Chant for R'Diiah
Our Lady of Darkness
The Cost
While the Candles Burn
Riding to Faery
View of an Evening Sun
In Fallen Astophel

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Byline Change in 2012

I now go exclusively by my middle name, Adele, given for my father, Delbert R. Gardner. Though the reasons for this change are private (having to do solely with my personal life), I have always loved my middle name and now proudly claim it as my own in all areas.

Please note that quite a number of my recent publications, including my poetry collection, appear under the byline Lyn C. A. Gardner. Other former bylines include many variants of my full name, Carolyn Adele Gardner, and my SCA name, Deirdre Fionnula.

Except for book covers & quoted reviews, all material on this website is copyright (c) by members of the Gardner family and/or used with permission. All rights reserved.